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Soooo... for a general update I guess:

Went to the playoff game
It would have been perfect... if they had won (I got a t-shirt though)
Nuggets are out of the playoffs and I missed their last game
It was because of Euro
Took the AP Euro test today
That sucked
Failed I'm pretty sure
Did ok in JV championships
took fourth in the mile
took second in the two mile
got personal record for two mile: 13:59... I think I could do much better
the girl that came in first for the mile didn't even beat my best time
If i hadn't started out too fast I would've won
I have to practice with Varsity for State but I don't think I have to run anymore meets

TRACK AND AP EURO ARE OVER!!!!... basically


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Wow I admire you so much, way to go on the two mile!
Yay we can fail our AP tests together. ^_^ I hope you did good though!

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