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blegh. I haven't had time to hang out with my brother lately so today we went on an eight mile run together. It was seriously so much fun, we just talked the whole time and we haven't gotten to actually talk in a long time.

It's starting to get easier. finally.

The only thing that I have to really concentrate on is now is math... but that's not a huge deal.

So today was a really good day. We made my mom breakfast in bed and watched National Treasure while we ate. Thennnn while she was in the shower my brother and I went to a funiture store and bought her a wicker furniture set. When she came down, she was completely surprised and she loved it because she had wanted it for the longest time. So we did all that junk and gave her a scrap book that my sister and I had made. It was fun, we bought about 20 dollars worth of stickers. She really liked that. Then we droved up to Estes Park and went to the spot where we spread my sister's ashes. We took a balloon and let it go because that's just kind of what we do because she loved balloons. After that... we went to this outdoor mall thing and walked around and it was so nice because it was all warm and everything. It was a good day. OH! and we had enchiladas. Because I was upset that I didn't get to make them on Cinco de Mayo.
Overall... good day, good food, good... stuff.

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New journal. ADD MEEEEE. ♥

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