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I just saw Fantastic 4. It wasn't that good actually. I had expected it to be a lot better being that it was a Marvel comic but... oh well. It happens. There just wasn't enough action, there were more drama parts than action and I don't have a problem with drama movies but not when it's supposed to be action. It's just... wrong :D

anywho. I am very eagerly awaiting the 6th Harry Potter book. I am practically dying of curiousity but... I'm not mad, it only builds up the anticipation more.

Other than that, I've been running and cleaning. I'm not finding too much to write in LJ anymore but I'm sure something will come up -shrug-

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Dude I already pre-ordered my book and am constantly peeing my pants waiting! :P
Let's see...a week exactly until it's out?

omg! I AM SO DYING!!!. I have had a countdown going since two weeks ago! 4 days now!! *spazz*

Yikes! So it is! I'm so excited, it kind of sucks because I haven't had time to reread the 5th book considering I sped through it the first and one time I read it. Oh well, can't wait :) Yay for harry (what a loser I am :P)

omg, I did the same thing, I sped through the fifth one the first time I read it but luckily I read it again and finished it about a week ago and then I wished that I had waited until this week sooo... now I'm reading the fourth one again.

(hey! don't worry, we can be losers together!! :DDD)

Omg fool, hows your summer? Please add me to your friends. Its Nat.

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