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Just had an eventful three days with the Kimmrs; it was fun, we went to my dad's work on Thursday, went shopping on Friday, did stuff...
heh. forgive me for my vagueness, didn't get much sleep last night. My parents took me to the mall and got some coffee and then we played pool and afterwards I stayed up really late watching TV. blaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.

so yeah... that was my week so far. I'm so dancy (well I will be when I wake up) because I get to go to the fourth Nuggets playoff game YYYYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSS.

I decided that when I have my prom, I'm going to have a party with all my close friends and we're going to do hot tub stuff and all that before prom. Then we'll get a hummer limo with a fireplace and BOOM!

... yesh.

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Gasp, you're listening to Spoooooon. ♥
Yes, it was VERY fun. I enjoyed all of it a lot.

...Did you say hummer limo? Oh mang, that would kick so much ass.

yush, Small Stakes <3
I'mna take you to Prom next year, okee. But if we really want that Hummer limo, we should start saving up... now XD

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