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woot. I just came back from Longmont where we stayed the night at Jeff's grandparents' house so that we could run the Bolder Boulder. It was so much fun, a little cold but still fun. I had planned to run the whole thing with Jenn and Brian because Jenn can't really run very fast or long. Well... being the competitive one that I am, I left them at the two mile. I don't know what my time was but I know that I hauled for the last 4 miles. It was so neat with all the bands on the side and the screaming people in the Stadium where the finish shoot was. Then after the race, we went to the expo and got a bunch of free stuff. The night before the race (last night) was crazy. We drove up to Longmont at 4 O'clock. When we got to his Grandma's we decided to go visit his cousin a couple miles away. Chris was being a dork and he started eating their food (they were having a bar b que) and the hot dogs were rock solid so he said really loudly "Shit this crap is hard as a rock" and as we were leaving, this little kid came up to me and his eyes were really wide and he started moaning like a zombie and twitching his hands. I was very frightened so I was like "um... let's go eat... i'm starving." So we went to Red Lobster and ate some good foods. Then Jeff and Chris started being jerks and drove off before we could get in the car so Brian, Jenn, and I were stuck at Red Lobster and we didn't know where the heck we were. So we decided to get some Dairy Queen and that was yummy. Jeff and Chris came back while we were getting our Dairy Queen and they got pissed that we didn't get them any so they drove off AGAIN. And this time they didn't come back so we had to find our way back. After that was really crazy. We all wrestled for three hours and by the end we were all bruised and exhausted. It was seriously freaking crazy. It was a good time. I'mna go sleep now... meh.


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