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Damn eet!
Can you believe summer is almost half way over already?! -sob- at least I have the cruise to look forward to. But when the cruise comes... means that school is near. I shudder to think. NUUU.

Ahh well. nothing to be done about it. I got a ton of new clothes today... that should excite everyone. Anndd. People will be happy to know that some of them are liek three times girlier than normal. But they aren't tooooo girly. I don't know, you'd have to see them. Anyways, other than that nothing is too exciting.

My sister is about three words from being kicked out of our house. Her and my mom got in a fight today and we were at the gas station and my sister just got out of the car and walked home. I was just liek :OOO weirrrd. It'll be Adios before long.

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Hey now! Don't say that, summer is not anywhere close to being over. And stop thinking that. Enjoy yourself, you've worked really hard this year (as have I) so we indeed deserve this vacation and need to relax!

It's funny what you say about your clothes, all my friends beg me to buy pink but like ew, gross! lol I'm certainly leaning towards a more femme look though also, cool how we have such stuff like that in common.
Um, I think clothes are very exciting. lol

I'm sorry to hear about your sister, I hope things will be okay and if not remember they can't always stay bad. Hope you're having a good summer so far :)

Re: Happy June First!

^.^ eee. I guess you're right. Vacations are few and far between... they must be enjoyed!

rofl. That is funny about the clothes thing! yeah, I LOATHE pink and my friends are like MEH! WEAR PINK! But the thing is... I bought white pants. If that doesn't say girly than I don't know what does. meh. oh well.

Meh. My sister has been a bad seed since she was little so she may change one day but I won't hold my breath. Meep. thankies for writing me. I hope your summer is fantastic as well, anything exciting thus far?

Re: Happy June First!

Yeah man for sure...especially when I have one more after this...bleh.
And you are going to be a junior right?

White pants, wow that is just over the top. J/k :) but yes it screams femininity all over so you've hit the spot, don't worry.

I'm finding it difficult to change anything so far...nothing's more difficult than change is what I'm finding., nothing too exciting but I think I'm going to have a mental break down soon because my report card, ap exam scores, and act scores should all show up in the mail box within this week. !!!!
This summer I'm getting to relax and enjoy the moment, enough for me. And How about you dear?

Re: Happy June First!

yikes about all the school stuff coming through the mail. Whatever you do, do not hyperventilate! I have precious few people to talk to on LJ, I can't afford to lose one!! :DD I'm not too worried about mine except the AP Euro score. I'm just about 99.999999999% ( actually 110%) sure I failed. but what can ya do? -shrug-

yeah, I'll be a junior... should be... great. what are you planning to do in college? do you know yet? I don't but I figure I have plenty of time.

um the relaxing... what is this relaxing of which you speak? lolz. actually reading relaxes me, I have been reading Harry Potter (yes.... most would call me a dork) but I think they are extremely well written and entertaining, the publicity just makes them look stupid and corny. I've read them for 6 years so... I don't know... I like them a lot.

What haev they been fighting about?

meh. everything. She isn't working that much, she's spending wayyyy too much time with her boyfriend (by that I mean every night) and there is a lot more to it but that's basically what it's about.

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